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Introducing: Toy Matchmaker!

Our newest feature at Kaleidoscope Learning is an easy way to get highly personalized toy and materials suggestions sent right to your inbox.

KiwiCo Rainbow Ball Run

As an organization comprised of experienced early childhood education professionals, we frequently hear from parents, "I'm not sure what material to give my child next. Do you have a suggestion?" or "I don't know of any materials to help learn at this stage. What do you think?" We get it: it is hard as a parent to create an enriching play experience for a child. It is doubly hard to continuously maintain that enriching and stimulating environment.

Knowing that it can be an uphill battle to pick the next toy or material, our team came together and created our Toy Matchmaker service: a quick way for families to receive high-quality toy recommendations from our library. We want families to feel empowered with their Educational Material Library choices, and with over 630+ toy/material/furniture options, it can be overwhelming sifting through our whole catalogue to find that perfect item. Our Toy Matchmaker service is a great way to incorporate an educator/Montessorian touch into your child's playtime.

How it works:

Our Toy Matchmaker service is completely free and only takes a few minutes to complete. Next time you are looking for a toy recommendation, head on over to our website. Under the "Educational Materials Library" menu tab, there is a "Toy Matchmaker" link.

First: Fill out the form listed on the webpage. We ask you a few basic questions, such as your child's age, their playtime habits, and their current interests. You are allowed to be as descriptive as you would like (more information does give us more direction, though!). Once you feel great about your responses, you can submit the form, and it will be sent to our team of educators.

Second: Once our team has received your responses, they will spend the next 2-3 business days curating a list of toy recommendations based off of your comments. The number of toy recommended by our team can vary greatly. For example, if you are looking for specific LEGO kits, we may have only 2-3 items to offer. However, if you are a little more vague or unsure what exactly you are looking for, our team may give you 8-10 toy recommendations. Regardless of what you are looking for, we will send to you a list of our materials suggestions right to your inbox--along with descriptions/explanations for why we selected the listed items.

Last: Look over your toy recommendations, and place your reservations in our system! Its that simple! If you have any follow up questions, our center coordinator is always ready to help you navigate your next library experience.

Ready to get matched with a toy? Visit our Toy Matchmaker page today!


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