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How It Works

Access over 650+ toys, furniture pieces, and educational materials

Our Educational Materials Library is easy to use, accessible, and convenient for families. We pride ourselves on selecting every item in our inventory, and we ensure each item will enrich your child's educational discovery and play. 

Become a Member

Become a member of the Family Resource Center to receive access to the Educational Materials Library's inventory, Family Symposiums, and much more! 

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Reserve Online

You can view our educational materials inventory from the comfort of your own home. Our team has conveniently categorized our inventory by age/developmental group, interests, and skills utilized. Select as many items as your membership level allows.

Our online interface allows you to reserve items online and collect them in person at our Family Resource Center located in St. Paul, MN. Keep materials for as long as you want, and return them when you are done.

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Browse In-Person

Join us at the Family Resource Center to browse our inventory in person. Bring your young learner and have them try out different materials and see what piques their interests and fits their needs. Our team is excited to help you discover your child's next beloved toy. 

Materials on display at the Family Resource Center are only a small portion of our larger inventory, and we consistently rotate the materials we display. Want to view a specific item in person before you bring it home? Email our team, and we will have the item ready for you when you walk in.

Pick Up In-Person At Our Family Resource Center

Once you have reserved online the items you would like to check out, you can come collect your order at the Family Resource Center, located at Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church (GALC) in St. Paul, MN.

Once inside GALC, follow the signs to the Family Resource Center. We are located next to our sister nonprofit, Monarch Montessori School.

Please allow us two business days to get your order packaged together for easy pick up. 

Hours of Operation:

Weekdays: 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Tuesdays: 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM


1669 Arcade St. 

St. Paul, MN 55106

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Check Out Items for As Long As You Want

We get it — sometimes your child can really cherish a specific toy, and you want to hang on to it for a little bit longer. Or maybe the opposite — a material you thought was going to be a hit was just not interesting to your young learner, and you want to exchange immediately for a different item.


No worries! We have no time limits on how long you can check out an educational material. Return it to the Family Resource Center whenever you are ready.


Our lending policies allow families to have as many items as their membership level allows checked out at a time.

Return & Exchange Your Items

Return your checked-out materials to the Family Resource Center when your family is done using them and exchange them for new ones. You can have as many items checked out at one time as your membership level allows. If you checked multiple items out at the same time, you do not have to return them at the same time. We encourage families to follow their child's interests and continue to use materials if they are being loved.

Toys in the Educational Materials Library are shared among our member families. Please be aware that a toy your child checked out may be used by another young learner in the future. We encourage you to review our damage policy and our cleaning policy before you return your items.

Unsure about what item to take home next? Get in touch with our early childhood education team members via email, or you can chat with us in person at the Family Resource Center. 

Have Questions About The Educational Materials Library?

You can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to get more details about the Educational Materials Library. As always, you can also contact our team by visiting our Get in Touch page and writing us a note.


Contact Us

1669 Arcade St. 

Saint Paul, MN 55106

Family Resource Center Phone: (651) 340-1413

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