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The Need

The idea for Kaleidoscope Learning grew organically from our interactions with parents and other caring adults of young children. We seek to address two pressing concerns related to early childhood education and family dynamics:

The high rate of parental burnout commonly found among adults in the United States.


The lack of readily accessible, high-quality early childhood education materials, pedagogies, and concepts to nurture a child during a magical and crucial stage of their development.

The Story

Ninety percent of human brain development occurs prior to age six

Our "Aha Moment"

As observed by the Kaleidoscope Learning team, the COVID-19 pandemic laid bare how most parents of young children do not have any real support outside of their social networks. We know that parenthood proves a rewarding and meaningful endeavor; however, these rewards may seem delayed if the burden of responsibility overwhelms the joy of connection.

Our team realized we can address the issues of parental burnout and the lack of high-quality early childhood education services through creating a proverbial village around families, cultivating a sense of connectedness and understanding that they do not need to navigate parenting alone. This perfectly encapsulates the mission of Kaleidoscope Learning, which equips families with insights and the tools to implement them in the context of a trusting, collaborative community.

We created our Family Resource Center and Online Tool Box with families in mind: an a la carte resource where families can choose the materials and services that best fit their needs at their current stage of life. 


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1669 Arcade St. 

Saint Paul, MN 55106

Family Resource Center Phone: (651) 340-1413

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