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Welcome to the 

Kaleidoscope Family Center

The Kaleidoscope Family Center is a play room where families can spend time out of the house in a space designed for kids ages birth to six years old. Third Spaces are an important aspect of building community, and we hope to be a welcoming place. We also offer resources to families like Weekly Activities, Family Symposiums, and a Toy Library.

If you are interested becoming a member of the Toy Library, please explore our membership page for more information.


Montessori-Inspired Playroom

Our play space is a welcoming and bright room where families can spend time relaxing and playing. It has quality toys, kid’s sized furniture, a couch for parents, a reading corner, and a peace chair. Our Montessori shelves have limited toys on them at one time so children are not overwhelmed with choices. To keep things interesting, we rotate materials from our Toy Library weekly.


The playroom is free and open to the public, so just stop on by!

Weekly Activities

These are free programs for families that range from interactive group time to setting out extra fun materials. The goal is to encourage community interactions and have a “third space” where families have a reason to get together.


Our weekly activities include: Coffee Days, Musical Storytime, and Fine Motor Friday.

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Toy Library

Our Toy Library allows families to temporarily bring home toys, educational materials, and furniture items, and return them at their convenience. All materials are vetted by our team, and items can be reserved online and picked up at the Family Resource Center.

Family Symposiums

Our Family Symposiums are in-person and virtual classes, designed for adults, that cover a wide range of early childhood education and development topics. Our in-person classes include child care, so you can be present for the conversation while your young learner can explore our Model Home Environment.

You can view our events calendar and register for classes by visiting our Family Symposiums page.

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1669 Arcade St. 

Saint Paul, MN 55106

Family Resource Center Phone: (651) 340-1413

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