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Our Favorite Literacy-Related Materials for National Reading Month!

While we love to read year-round, March has a special place as National Reading Month. We thought we would mark the occasion by highlighting some wonderful literacy-related items in our library.

Unfamiliar with our library? If you live in or near St. Paul, Minnesota, come check us out! Toy libraries help families sustainably, affordably provide enriching materials to their children. Imagine: it's like going to the store without having to say "no!" over and over again. Find out about how our library works and view our inventory.

Storytelling Kits

Storytelling kits enable young children to interactively retell favorite books. These kits always fly off the shelves of our playroom. Children practice retelling and sequencing; the books that we selected are exemplary for vocabulary development. Plus, some of the kits are handsewn works of art!

We storytelling kits for many Eric Carle classics, including Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

These adorable, plush finger puppets all squeeze into a mitten in Jan Brett's beautiful book.

Froggy struggles to get his winter clothing on, and hilarity ensues. (Who can relate?)

Alphabet Puzzles

Children love puzzles! We offer a variety of alphabet puzzles that incorporate different styles and materials. Repetition and practice will help children identify letters.

We love the feel of this natural wood puzzle!

Colorful letters hide pictures that correspond to the letter's sound. As an added bonus, pegged puzzles are amazing for fine motor development.

Learning Letters

Early childhood educators contributed to curating our library, and they put together kits for learning letter sounds. These hands-on, research-based, multisensory activities help even young children begin to memorize symbols and connect them to sounds.

This is one of six kits designed to make learning the alphabet approachable, fun, and interactive.

Flyleaf Early Readers

If your child has begun reading independently, we cannot recommend the Flyleaf Early Readers highly enough! Unlike most phonetic readers, these have beautiful pictures and interesting stories. Flyleaf authors intentionally add complexity and difficulty with each subsequent title.

Flyleaf books are perfect for children who are emerging into reading!

Unsure What to Check Out?

If you feel unsure about what your child is ready for regarding early literacy development, we are here to help! Our coordinators have in-depth knowledge of our inventory and can make recommendations based on your child's age, stage, and interests. Simply email us at or find us when you visit!

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