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Our Guiding Principles

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Experiential Learning

Kaleidoscope Learning values learning by doing. Our team encourages pedagogies that allow children to learn concepts through their play. Dr. Maria Montessori described play as the work of the child, and we could not agree more! Experiential learning empowers learners to explore their interests, hone critical thinking skills, and learn from mistakes.

Early Literacy

Our team at Kaleidoscope Learning places particular emphasis on early literacy and numeracy. Our team encourages literacy with a scientific approach: we read aloud for vocabulary acquisition, introduce the alphabet as the building blocks for word formation, and practice phonological awareness. Our Educational Materials Library has many books for children to develop and hone their literacy skills; our blog and Philomath Podcast (coming soon) details how children learn to read.

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Social & Emotional Well-Being

Our caring staff help children navigate problem solving, emotional identification and regulation, and self-awareness. We all experience big emotions, and Kaleidoscope Learning values creating a warm, welcoming environment where children can be supported no matter their current feeling. We utilize different methods to encourage social & emotional well-being such as identifying our emotions everyday, finding a peaceful spot to calm down, and guiding each other through breathing techniques. Our Educational Materials Library and Model Home Environment have materials to encourage social & emotional well-being.

Nature Based Education

We love spending as much time outside as possible. The social and emotional benefits of outdoor play are so valuable, and we enjoy wide open spaces for gross motor play. Our Educational Materials Library is filled with outdoor learning items, and our Online Toolbox contains ideas for getting the whole family outside. 

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Day Care
Supporting Families

Kaleidoscope Learning grew organically from our sister organization, Monarch Montessori School. We realized families are seeking additional support for their young learners outside of the classroom, including educational materials recommendations, articles on child development, and one-on-one support. Kaleidoscope Learning strives to be a proverbial village where families can share their experiences and connect with others. We celebrate every family that walks through our physical doors or accesses our digital resources. 


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1669 Arcade St. 

Saint Paul, MN 55106

Family Resource Center Phone: (651) 340-1413

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