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Have a few LOLs with these parenting and early childhood education memes!

Start off your Sunday morning with a nice cup of coffee and a good laugh. Our social media team creates mostly cute, family centric content or more serious, informational parenting posts. However, our Twitter account really allows us to "let our hair down!" Filled with hilarious posts about children doing the darndest things, and all the emotions that come with parenthood, our

1. If you have a child who loves legos, you probably know the joy (and the pain)!

2. We cannot forget how Chris Pine's facial expressions a few weeks back perfectly encapsulates how we feel about returning to our routines before we are ready!

3. Anybody who has a child knows the pain of the dreaded bedtime routine:

4. And we've basically memorized all the words from THAT one book:

5. Saying "Wow! So delicious!" every time your child brings you mud creation:

6. And last, but not least, the fun task of keeping up with your creative child's imaginative world building:

Did you relate a little too hard to these memes? Make sure to follow us on Twitter for all the best Kaleidoscope Learning memes!

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