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Model Home Environment
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A Unique Space for Children

Kaleidoscope Learning values creating meaningful and inviting spaces for young learners and their families. Our Model Home Environment, located in the Family Resource Center, highlights a variety of ways a family can arrange their home to address the cognitive and social-emotional needs of their young child. 

Our educational professionals have set out different furniture, household items, and Montessori practical life materials to promote independence and self-care. Have a question about how to arrange your home for your child? Get inspired by visiting us at the Family Resource Center. Our knowledgeable team is excited to show you different ways to use your existing furniture and home goods.

"The child should live in an environment of beauty"

– Dr. Maria Montessori

Realistically Imperfect

Gone are the days you only see Instagram perfect children and playrooms. Rather than a pristine, unattainable example, the Model Home Space is lived in and used by families and children during our Open Play Hours.


Families can mingle while observing their children interact with the space and its materials. Our Model Home Environment also has various items rotated in from our Educational Materials Library. All are welcome to explore our Montessori shelves, reading corner, and gross motor items currently on display in the Model Home Environment before checking them out.

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Sit. Play. Balance. Relax.

Promote independence, self-care, and hands-on exploration with your young learner. All of the Model Home Environment's furniture is selected by our early childhood education professionals and is inspired by the Montessori pedagogy. 

Items featured in our Model Home Environment:

Accessible Shelves

Child-Size Tables & Chairs

Cozy Seating

Peace Chair

Book Display


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