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Check Out These Library Items that Promote Fine Motor Skill Development!

You get it: we're obsessed with fine motor skills. But we have our reasons! Developing fine motor skills is an important prerequisite to academic learning, not only because many tasks require them but because fine motor practice creates connections in the brain that establish the neural infrastructure for later learning.

The really cool thing is that young children LOVE building their fine motor skills...unless we push too much on them, too soon. For example, writing, even with a large crayon, proves difficult for their small hands. Instead of jumping directly to writing, help them strengthen and refine their fine motor skills with the activities below.

And don't forget to visit our space for Fine Motor Fridays, held weekly from 9:30 a.m.-11:30 am.

Lacing Activities

Geo Lacing Beads

Lacing is a phenomenal way to strengthen fine motor muscles. I love these wooden beads, which have calming colors and fun shapes, and search "lacing" in our inventory to see a long list of similar activities!

Pegged Puzzles

Animal Sounds Pegged Puzzle

Pegged puzzles are perfect for preparing to hold a writing instrument. This puzzle has the added element of making animal sounds when you remove and replace pieces, and search "pegged puzzles" in our inventory to find many other options!


Wooden Pounding Bench

Hammering, in addition to being unendingly amusing for children, helps them strengthen their hands. This Plan Toys Wooden Pounding Bench is my personal favorite, but simply search "hammering" to see even more choices! (The Tap and Tack Jr. is perfect for older children who would benefit from fine motor practice.)


Wooden Bee Hive

This adorable bee hive comes with a small set of tongs. Whether your child uses the tongs or their fingers to transfer the tiny bees, their hands will benefit. See other "tonging" opportunities by using the search function!

Shape Sorters

Shape Sorting Cube

We have many fun, colorful shape sorters! You know the drill...

Pretend Play

Vegetable Garden

Many of our pretend play items--including this delightful vegetable garden--embed fine motor practice. (Search pretend play just to see the adorable Flower Gardening Play Set.)

Busy Boards and Latching Activities

Screw Driver Busy Board

Busy boards and latching activities keep children occupied while refining those important fine motor muscles!

Want Help Choosing Items?

Feeling overwhelmed? Not to worry! Simply fill out our Toy Matchmaker form, and be sure to let us know that you would like items that promote fine motor development!

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